Why did I create this web site?


My "discovery" of LOURDS occurred on November 29, 2001. I was at "CBGB" in Manhattan to videotape another band. I was sitting at a table in front of the stage when LOURDS (the band just before the one I came to see) took the stage. Normally I "sleep" through all opening bands but when LOURDS started to sing, I was overwhelmed. I could not believe that a band I never heard of before could be this good. I sat there stunned throughout the entire set. When I got home that night, I could not get the music and performance out of my head. I sent LOURDS an email letting her know how impressed I was by her performance. She added me to her mailing list and I have gone to and photographed almost every LOURDS show since then.

LOURDS stage presence is captivating and her smile is so bright it can literally light up the entire city. The rest of LOURDS band, T.J. Jordan, Baba Buerger and Harvey Neil, are dynamos in their own right and together they make a perfect fit to perform the greatest music you will ever hear. Whether the full band is playing or just LOURDS and T.J. Jordan (or various others) play an acoustic set, every show is a memorable performance.

I hope I have captured some of LOURDS' energy in my photos but you must see LOURDS live to experience the energy in person. Check out the official LOURDS web site (see link below) and their tour schedule and sign up for the LOURDS mailing list.


2004 update:

On January 12, 2004, at "The Knitting Factory", LOURDS debuted her new band, Brian Eisen, Dan Cassidy and Andrew Frawley (as her former band left to pursue other interests). I am looking forward to seeing LOURDS reach even greater heights and performance excellence with her new "family".


2005 update:

On February 26, 2005, at "Limerick's", LOURDS debuted her new bass player, Joey Anthony, joining Gene Blank on bass (who debuted on 1/20/05) and Sarah Vasil on drums (who debuted on 8/19/04). The new lineup has a great look and sound and are a perfit fit for the LOURDS ensemble.


Barry Koopersmith




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